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Fashion 911 fixes: Top 5 Bra & Fashion Accessories

Get a runway-ready, polished look every day with some of these ultra-efficient solutions for fashion emergencies.  Here are some of our favorite quick-fix bra and fashion accessories we can’t live without. 5. Lifting Hide-A-Strap – Make your favorite bras tank-top-friendly

Look & Feel Sensational Strapless!

bd blog feat image strapless sensation feb 2011

Strapless bras are a must-have for any woman. You never know when you'll find THE perfect strapless (or backless) dress, so your wardrobe must be equipped to deal with ANY fashion possibility.

Common Bra Fitting Problems & Solutions, Part 2: Your Back Band

Updated May 15, 2013 Welcome back, everyone. Thanks for tuning in for another one of my bra fitting advice blogs! Last time, I wrote about one of the most common bra fitting problems, the bra cup size. Today I will