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“Booster” Push Up Bras


Since the early 1990′s we’ve been so obsessed with bust-enhancing lingerie that bra manufacturers have been falling over themselves to accommodate our craving for cleavage with some really quite inventive inflation techniques! It all started with the WonderBra, designed to

Letters from London

letters from London

I’m always excited to go back home to London, England and browse the High Street stores, checking out the new retail window displays. One of my favorite shopping spots is Marks and Spencer’s on Oxford Street, where you can grab

Look & Feel Sensational Strapless!

bd blog feat image strapless sensation feb 2011

Strapless bras are a must-have for any woman. You never know when you'll find THE perfect strapless (or backless) dress, so your wardrobe must be equipped to deal with ANY fashion possibility.

Bra Doctor celebrates her anniversary…

Welcome back! It’s sure been awhile, but many exciting things are happening at once. It’s the first anniversary of the online launch of Bra Doctor Lingerie, so to celebrate, Now That’s Lingerie.com is offering 25% off all Bra Doctor styles! 

The Mystery of Underwire

So many bras these days are constructed with underwire, that women are becoming increasingly convinced that all bras should have an underwire.  But then, why would most companies still offer several non-underwire options to their customers?  I’m going to help

Nurture Your Nature! How to fix your uneven breasts

Last Updated July 30, 2013 If you’re wondering if it’s “normal” to have uneven breasts, and want to make your girls look more even, then read on! During her interview with Jimmy Kimmel in February, Jennifer Lawrence spoke candidly about

Bra Doctor Advice: How To Get Classy Cleavage

Show off your goods without going over the top… or coming out of your top! Ever wonder how to get the perfect amount of cleavage for any occasion? No matter your size, here are some great tips to push up