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How Deep Is Too Deep? V-Necklines, Uncensored

Necklines have long been a hot spot for upping the sexy factor in fashion. Lately, with décolletages plunging deeper and faster than a thermometer in February, the trend is towards exposing everything on the upper half except the most intimate of

Celebrities in Lingerie

Celebrities in Lingerie

Hollywood has been dabbling in the world of lingerie lately. Tinseltown is starting to reveal their starlets sheathed in lace and silk, stockings and corsets. Hot celebs are stripping down for the camera and the public, and the combination of sexy lingerie and

Lingerie Trend: High Waisted & Loving It!

Lingerie has been taking cues from its vintage counterparts this year – like the major trend for high-waisted panties! This trend is inspired by the infamous 1940′s pin-up girl suaveness – think Dita Von Teese for that more classic tantalizing

Killer Cleavage – 10 of the best celebrity breasts!

Killer cleavage header

My recent blog “Stars who should wear bras!” covered the worst cleavage offenders, but there are plenty of celebrities who are always very well turned out. Here’s my photo gallery of those who display their breasts beautifully, whether they are