Elita Warm Wear Micro Modal Leggings 2250

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Feel cozy and warm with the 2250 Warmwear Leggings by Elita Lingerie. The leggings are treated with Intera warm fabric to provide all-day comfort and protection against the cold. It is also resistant to odor and bacteria. Wear them as leggings with a tunic or dress, under your pants on cold days or to go skiing, snowboarding, or any winter activity outdoors.  Shop Ntl for 2250 Elita Warm Wear Micro Modal Leggings. 

• Ideal to wear either as inner or outerwear
• Resistant to bacteria and odor.
• Designer logo at the hem.
• Sizing small to extra large.

Hand wash and hang to dry OR use a mesh bag. Do not use bleach
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Fabric Info:
60% Acrylic 33% Modal 7% Spandex
Size Chart:
Elita Size Chart