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Contour & Molded Bras by Triumph in Size 40c

Triumph International has been a leader in lingerie for over 100 years, celebrating a woman's sensuality with creatively designed lingerie with incredible fit. Triumph follows the latest trends and considers women's style needs, from Magic Wire bras that let women go wire-free, to lacy sets that honor a woman's most luxurious tastes. .

Contour Bras are sometimes referred to as a molded-cup bra.

They may feature underwires however what makes them Contour Bras is the fact that the cups are pre-formed and either contain a foam or other lining that retains the shape of the cups even after having been worn.

The style for Contour Bras varies. It can be full cup, demi cup, etc. The cups may be seamless or lacy.

Contour Bras are especially effective for women with asymmetrical breasts because the difference in size between the two breasts are not as noticeable.