Size Chart | Arianne

SizeBra SizeBustWaistHipsInseam
S 32 b-c 34-35.5 26-27.5 36-37.5 30
M 34 b-c 36.5-38 28.5-30 38.5-40 30
L 36 b-c 39-40.5 31-32.5 41-42.5 30
XL 38 c-d 41.5-43 33.5-35 43.5-45 30
1X 40 d-dd 43-45 35-37 45-47 /
2X 42 d-dd 46-48 38-40 48-50 /

How to take your measurements and find the right size.

  • You will need a measuring tape.
  • Take your measurements carefully, directly on your body and underwear without squeezing. If the measurement is between 2 values, round up unless told otherwise.
  • All the following are of your body measurements only.
  • All measurements are in inches.
  • These standard measurements are for women whose hieghts range from 5'3" to 5'7"

A: Bra Band Size

Take your measurement with your arms along the sides of your body. Hold the measuring tape around your back at band level and pass it to the front, just above the bust. The result will give you your band size. If the number is odd, round down.

B: Bust

Take the measurement parallel to the ground with your arms along the sides of your body. The measuring tape goes across your shoulder blades, under your arms and on the fullest part of your bust. If the measurement falls in between 2 values, round up.

B-A: Cup Size

Now that you have your measurements for the bra band and bust, you can determine your cup size by subtracting the measurement made in part B by the measurement made in A and then convert this value with the use of the size chart.

Cup Size = Bust - Band

For example:
36" bust - 34" band = diff. 2" (Cup B)
In conclusion, you wear a 34B.

0" AA
1" A
2" B
3" C
4" D
5" DD

C: Waist

Take the circumference of your natural waist, which is the smallest part of your torso. It will be where a natural indentation occurs when you bend on one side. The measuring tape must be parallel to the ground.

D: Hips

Take the circumference of your hips which is the wider part of your pelvis. It is important to have your legs close together and measuring tape parallel to the ground.

E: Inseam

Measure from the crotch and follow the inside of your leg to desired length. We recommend you to have someone else measuring you because it is important to stand straight for this measurement.