2 Hook Bra Back Extender by Fashion Essentials 50501

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Does the back band of your bra sometimes (or often) feel tight, even if you're adjusted at the loosest hooks? It's always nice to have the option of a more comfortable fit when we need it, and that's precisely what bra back extenders are for. It's like having the option of a half size on the band (like between a 36 and 38 in the back), allowing you to extend the back from 1 to 3 inches. This 1 hook bra extender has a 3/4' width and a standard length of three extra hooks. The best part to no sewing necessary! Just hook onto the existing back closure of your bra, and adjust to your comfort. Extenders all have a soft, brushed back that won't irritate your skin or lose their elasticity. Also available in 2 hook, 2 hook Special European, 3 hook and 4 hook</span> widths, and in black, white and beige. Feel instantly more comfortable with these bra back extenders.

• 2 hook bra back extender
• Ideal for pregnant and nursing women
• Increases the size of a bra back from 1 – 3 inches.
• 4 rows of hooks
• Ideal for a fluctuating bra size, which in some women can vary by 17% within a month.
• Makes a new bra instantly comfortable.
• Black, nude or white
• One Size