Bra Bather Mesh Wash Bag (A - D+ Cup) by Fashion Essentials 4020-4030

Fashion Essentials

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Keep your clothes and lingerie looking new for longer with Fashion Essentials wash bags, designed to protect your delicates in the washer (and dryer, if you must). Made with a soft white mesh and non-rust zipper, this Bra Saver bag has a round, built-in frame and slight padded cushioning that better conserve the shape of your bras, preventing wire pop out, lumpy padding, snags, and pulls. Use this for your padded bras, underwired bras and extra lacy bras. For a wash bag that can fit other undergarments, try Fashion Essentials large zippered wash bag. For best results, use the most delicate cycle -and lowest temperatures- when washing and drying. Hang to dry whenever possible. 

Bra Bather Mesh Wash Bag
• Protects your delicates in the washer
• Ideal for bras
• White
• One Size
• 4020 A/C Cup – (7 inches diameter)
• 4030 – D/DD( 8 inches diameter)
• Both is 5 inches  height