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Avoid untimely fashion faux pas with this ultra-practical, quick fix tool every woman should have wherever she goes. Body Tape is an ultra-versatile, dual-sided transparent adhesive that instantly secures clothing in place, and is sensitive enough to use on your skin. Use for necklines (especially plunging), halters, bikini tops, gapping blouses, hemlines and more! Simply measure out and cut the desired length of tape you need from the dispenser. Made with superior quality hypo-allergenic 3M Medical grade adhesive

• Body Tape
• Designed for skin to fabric contact.
• Made in Canada with 3M™ medical grade adhesive.
• Secures low necklines, bikini tops, gaping buttons, and bra straps in place.
• A must-have in the purse. Ideal for broken hems, broken straps, loose button and more.
• Clear only
• One Size