Fabric Glossary

Acetate is created by taking cellulose from wood pulp, placing it in some type of solvent, which is spun until it creates a fabric. It can be mixed with other fabrics such as silk or cotton to create a multitude of garments. Acetate has a luminous and luxurious finish, with a nice sheen, and tends to resist pilling and shrinking.

Bamboo: There are a few types of bamboo fabrics that can be found, derived from bamboo grass or bamboo fibers. Natural bamboo fabric is taken from bamboo pulp and creates a soft, cotton-like garment. Synthetic bamboo is by taking the cellulose components of bamboo fibers and spinning it into viscose fabric, which tends to last longer and is cheaper to produce.

Cashmere comes from the Kashmir goat, and is sometimes blending with hair from other goats. Its characteristics are extremely soft and luxe, and is quite expensive to produce. Smaller amounts of cashmere are often blended with cheaper fabrics to produce soft, high-quality pieces.

Charmeuse is often made with synthetic fibers, but can also be made with silk, and is an inexpensive option for a shining, luxurious garment.

Chiffon is widely popular in lingerie, being made of fabrics like cotton, silk, and nylon. Chiffon has a sheer finish.

Coolpass is an innovative type of polyester microfiber that helps regulate body temperature. The soft and breathable fabric maintains coolness and dryness on the body, especially for working out and physical activity.

Cotton is a natural white fiber derived from tropical and subtropical plants that tend to interact well with the skin when it is not treated. Cotton is naturally breathable and soft to the touch when spun into various types of garments, and can be blended with other fabrics.

Elastane is a synthetic material that supremely adds to the stretch and flexibility of a garment. It is often referred to as Lycra or Spandex, and it is often mixed with other synthetic and natural materials.

Jersey is a super soft, comfortable, and stretchy cotton blend fabric that has been very popular in the 21st century. Many form-fitting garments are made with jersey as it is tight without being constricting.

Lace can be made of several fabrics or combinations of fabrics, including cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers. It is super common in lingerie, as is made with fine intertwining of the fabric to create intricate patterns throughout.

Lenzing Micromodal Fabric: This is a special brand of micromodal fabric, which is extremely soft and durable. The fabric is strong against pilling and fading, and it is a favorite of lingerie and fashion producers. Micromodal is farmed from beechwood trees and is seen as an environmentally friendly alternative to many other fabrics.

Linen is a very durable yet thin natural fabric taken from the fax plant. Linen is ideal for summer as it has a strong absorption capability, while also being very breathable and light. Linen is also sometimes mixed with other fabrics.

Lycra is a type of elastane fabric which is often used in athletic garments, due to its flexibility and stretch, as well as its strength. It is very lightweight and tends to conform to the body, but is quite soft to the touch.

Memory Foam: Often used in bras, memory foam is made of synthetic fibers that molds to the surface it surrounds. It is known to be breathable, with air pockets throughout.

Micromodal is a modal fabric, similarly made from beech trees in an eco-friendly manner. Micromodal is known for being moisture wicking and especially soft, and so it's popular for athletic wear.

Modal is an eco-conscious, natural fabric from beech trees, that is known for its ultimate softness and breathability. A popular choice in lingerie and apparel, it can be used on its own or blended with other fabrics, like cotton or elastane.

Nylon is a very popular synthetic fabric made from elastic-like material that is known for being sturdy and easy to clean. It's a popular and fairly inexpensive fabric often combined with other fabrics to create a number of garments.

Organic cotton is made with the earth in mind, as it’s produced in a more sustainable fashion. It comes from the same plants, but with care for the soil and a lack of damaging chemicals. Organic cotton is soft and breathable, with a very luxurious feel.

Polyamide is a synthetic fiber made up of a number of things, to create a certain type of fabric. Nylon is an example of a polyamide. The benefits of a polyamide fabric is that it's easy to keep clean, and is breathable and lightweight.

Pima cotton is a high-quality fabric made with Egyptian cotton, mainly popularized by American technology. It is especially soft and works well on those with sensitive skin. Pima cotton can also be blended with other fabrics to add a touch of softness

Polyester is an inexpensive and widely used synthetic fabric for clothing and much more. It is known for maintaining itself in water and most other elements due to its strength. It's often used in swimsuits and other garments that need to stand up well.

Rayon is a man-made fabric that is derived from viscose to create a woven type of fabric which can emulate more expensive fabrics like silk or wool. It is often used in clothing, as it is lightweight and stretchy, and can combine with other fabrics. Many sheer items are made with rayon as well.

Satin is a very shiny and glossy fabric that can be made with a number of materials, including silks and cottons. It’s very popular in lingerie, and much cheaper to manufacture than its counterpart, pure silk.

Silk is a very elegant yet strong fabric that is made from silkworm cocoons. It has a lovely shine and is often used for high quality lingerie and other garments. It is thin and fine with a soft feel against the skin.

Spandex is a synthetic elastane material that is known to be extremely stretchy and elastic. It is a common term used in the US for what is essentially elastance.

Tactel is a synthetic polyamide fiber, known for its stretch and movement. It's easy to clean and commonly used in lingerie and apparel.

Terylene is a synthetic polyester fiber which is characterised by weightlessness and crease resistance. Terylene is mostly used for clothing, sheets and many other items.

Tricot is a finely woven fabric that is made by other fabrics, such as cotton, rayon, or wool, for example. It is soft and lightweight and used heavily in lingerie and clothing.

Tulle is a netted, open material typically made with cotton or other fibers. It layers well and has a sheer finish.

Velour is an accessible and more inexpensive alternative to velvet, a very lush and soft fabric. It is commonly a combination of other fibers and fabrics.

Viscose is a somewhat synthetic fiber that is made by combining some chemicals to typically create rayon fabric. Viscose is very popularly used in clothing and lingerie as its inexpensive but supremely easy to work with.