Fleur't Belle Epoque Lace T-Back Long Gown 4162

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The  Fleur't  Belle Epoque Lace T-Back Long Gown 4162 is luxuriously irresistible detailing beautiful lace this style exudes femininity.

  • Lace halter gown with scalloped edging on trim and a provocative plunging neckline
  • Ultra soft rayon spandex blend and overlaid with Italian galloon art nouveau patterned lace
  • Generous front bust lace coverage and underbust reinforced with plush picot elastic.  Wide range of support, ideal for larger busts
  • Available Sizes P/S-S/M-M/L-L/L-L/XL
  • Split lace panels in back are contoured to flatter back curve with all lace edges reinforced to give maximum support.
  • Hand wash and hang to dry OR use a mesh bag. Do not use bleach
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Fabric Content:
93% Rayon, 7% Spandex
85% Nylon, 15% Spandex
Size Chart:
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