Fleur't Casual Perfection Cocoon Long Sleeve Nightshirt 5366

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The very natural and luxurious  Fleur't Casual Perfection Cocoon Long Sleeve Nightshirt 5366  is ideal for lounging around.  The sleepshirt has a drop shoulder, stripe accents on the sleeves and pockets in the front.  The ultra soft fabrics makes this nightshirt very comfortable to wear for bed.

  • Casual Perfection Cocoon Nightshirt has a drop shoulder
  • The Rayonis a fiber obtained from regenerated cellulose fiber. Different grades of rayon can imitate the feel and texture of natural fibers such as wool, silk, linen and cotton. makes this top ultra soft and comfortable.
  • Fabulous for peaceful mornings, relaxing afternoons or lounging
  • Stylish slouch pockets at the front
  • Available Sizes P/S-S/M-M/L-L/L
  • Hand wash and hang to dry OR use a mesh bag. Do not use bleach
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Fabric Content:
93% Rayon , 7% Spandex
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