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Discreetly hide your nipples with these adhesive silicone nipple covers by Fashion Essentials. These silicone nipple covers are reusable and hand washable up to 25 times. Thin, discreet and comfortable, made with 100% silicone and non-irritating adhesive backing. Soft, opaque finish that's seamless under your clothes. Easy to apply: remove adhesive backing and center the cover over your nipple, then press down and smooth with your palm. Suggested care instructions: hand wash with warm water and a bit of hand soap, rinse well, and let air dry. Don't pat dry with towel.

•Made with non-sensitizing medical grade adhesive
• Reusable up to 25x – just wash with warm water and soap to restore adhesive.
• Can be worn without a bra, under a t-shirt or sheer top.
• Clear only
• One Size